¡Bienvenidos al perfil de Inés Pérez!

Inés Pérez es una ilustradora digital con un estilo artístico infinito, al cual saca partido a través de sketches compartidos por redes sociales, en gran parte, de estrellas de la música actual 🖌️🖌️

2010’s girls round 2!!!! ☁️☁️☁️ .

This has been an amazing decade for women on music, and I wanted to make this as an homage to it 😊 there’s still so many that I could have added but I didn’t want this to be a where’s waldo illustration lmao. if you personally dislike one of the girls please be nice 🙏🏻 I hope you guys like this!! I’m so proud of it 🥺💞💞💞 .
Who do y’all think is gonna rule the 2020’s?? my bet is on normani, lizzo and billie eilish!!!

10 years of female characters ⭐️
as a disclaimer, these are characters that I love or I think are representative of shows that I love!! you can have different oppinions and have watched shows that I haven’t!! (list of characters below on this caption!)
I’ve been working on this for the past weeks in between commissions and I’m (finally!!!) done with it! I hope you guys like it I really put my all into it 💗💗💗
who are your favorite characters from tv shows of this decade??? comment below, I want to discover new shows (apparently I don’t watch enough lol).
1. effy from skins
2. serena and blair from gossip girl
3. rachel and santana from glee
4. michonne from the walking dead
5. daenerys and sansa from game of thrones
6. leslie knope from parks and rec
7. sister jude, marie laveau and bet&dot from american horror story
8. annalise keating from how to get away with murder
9. rosa from brooklyn 99
10. the girls from san junipero (black mirror)
11. chanel from scream queens
12. ilana and abbi from broad city
13. poussey from orange is the new black
14. eleven from stranger things
15. angel from pose
16. june from the handmaid’s tale
17. sabrina spellman
18. eve and villanelle from killing eve
19. rue and jules from euphoria .